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There are many ways in-between and beyond-- These are just the more common ways. Of course there are more lucrative options, but if you don't know where to start this page is maybe for you.

Player Guides

Our Player Zeny Guides on farming are so much better and complex than the info provided on this page!

Treasure Box

See Also: Beithir Collection
7444.png Treasure Box
Ic.png Straightforward, Treasure Box drops from Acidus at a 45% drop rate. They are worth 150,000z, so 50k more than Gold.

Here on XileRO, drop rate for Treasure Box has been significantly increased and the respawn time has been removed from all Acidus.

  @alootid +7444

You could hunt these with various classes, but the best is going to be Ranged. So Sniper/Stalker with Sharp Shooting is the meta.
Weapon, anything with 4 slots. Easiest being Composite Bow [4] from Goblin Archer, slotted with 2 Earth Petite cards and 2 Orc Skeleton cards. This will give you the most damage to just the yellow Acidus. If you want more overall dragon damage, slot a third Earth Petite card instead.

Custom Armor Equipment, Beithir Collection, was introduced to better aid in the fight against the mighty Acidus!


969.png Gold
Ic.png Also straightforward, Gold drops from various monsters-- The most efficient being Am Mut at a 61.50% drop rate. They are worth 100,000z, so 50k less than Treasure Box.

Here on XileRO, drop rate for Gold has also been significantly increased across all mobs.

  @alootid +969

This map is dominated by AoE Wizards/Stalkers. You can try with a ranged character, but their AoE just wins here.
Weapon, 2 slots minimum but 4 slots is ideal. Easiest being a Rod [4] from Drops, slotted with 4 Drops cards for the DEX if you need it. If you're a more funded Wizard, use 4 Monkey Fist cards (MFC) instead.
If you don't need the DEX and don't have any MFCs, just use an Arc Wand [2] from Wind Ghost or Bathory.

BKCC Hunting

Ic.png You gotta work harder this way because Bloody Knight Champion is not easy by any means. You're hunting the card and deciding the market price around it.

There are so many arguments as to the best class for BKC Hunting, and tbh-- You should use any class that can switch elements like BKC does. Oh? You didn't know he does that? Yeah he do.
So come prepared, he's not a punk!
I will say, at the very least-- Bring a friend.
One with the damage output OR good support. You'll need Land Protector skill at minimum to combat the Meteor Storm he casts when physically hit. So whether that's you on a Professor or your friend so you can hit with another class with elemental change.
I bring up the elemental change because that's super important. Don't rely on his native element in @mi, he changes and super often.
Best of luck taking him on~

MFC Hunting

Ic.png Similar to the BKCC Hunting in that you gotta work to take down Monkey Fist for their card.

Everyone will tell you, the way to dominate MF is Assassin. Honestly, that's for you to decide. This lil' homie Asura Strikes until the end of time so you need Yggs like crazy.
Good thing Yggdrasil Berries are a super simple farm and zeny hunting technique!

Vending +10 Armor

985.png Elunium
Ic.png Lots of mobs out there drop the best slotted armors available at a 16~40% drop rate. Hunt the armors and the Elunium it takes to refine them to +10, and your profit margin increases.


  @alootid +985

High Wizard for the AoE here. Venatus are the target for their Elunium, and you'll need to switch up your skills here because they're all different elements themselves.
As per the armors to hunt and refine... Well that depends entirely on the market. Manteau [1] are an easy choice, same for Muffler [1]. Chain Mail [1] and Tights [1] are also good, Saints Robe [1] as well.

Vending Yggdrasil Berries

607.png Yggdrasil Berry
Ic.png This isn't instant zeny by any means, Yggdrasil Berry drops from Baphomet Jr. at a 75% drop rate. You'll be vending Yggdrasil Berry to other players in Morroc.


  @alootid +607

High. Wizard. That's it.
Warp > SG > Warp > SG
These guys have no HP at all and they drop easy. If you wanted to also farm other things for your vend you could loot Oridecon and/or Boots [1]. You would need to loot the Elunium separately to refine the Boots [1] yourself though. However just looting the Oridecon and vending that with your Berries would be enough.

  @alootid +984

Vending Crystal Cave Loots

678.png Poison Bottle
608.png Yggdrasil Seed
969.png Gold
Ic.png Loot Poison Bottles, Yggdrasil Seeds, and Gold from Woodem Golem.


  @alootid +678
  @alootid +608
  @alootid +969

This is also a leveling map. So you may not be the only one out hunting these things. You would ideally farm and level at the same time as a newbie and then sell these in Morroc to other players.
Assassin always need Poison Bottles, and people are always down to buy Yggs. Then the gold is just for you, that sweet raw zeny gain!