Uber Stock Market

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See Also: General Customs, Donation

As a way to keep the value of Zeny high but also give it the ultimate use-- Came the introduction of the Uber Stock Market! This custom mechanic is a way to purchase Premium Currency (Uber Point) with your hard earned Zeny~

The variables[1] that decide the conversion rate comes from the current amount of Zeny actively flowing through the server, and nothing else that a player has control over.

Basically, the less Zeny there is floating around on the server; The lower the Zeny price Uber Points will be on the Uber Stock Market!
As of January 2022 the Uber Stock Market gathers it's conversion rate EVERY 6 HOURS.

How to Buy

You can find the Uber Shop Assistant in Payon or use the icon located at the top right of your screen next to the map. USM-Icon.png

From there you will see it as your first option in the NPC menu.



This is an example of what the Uber Stock Market could be priced at. The formula will ask for Zeny Coins and raw Zeny depending on the amount.


  1. The current formula has long since been modified and no longer includes variables that were community based due to exploitation and abuse.