Streamer Program

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Streamers in our community who get in communication with an Admin will be given a Streamer Box after some agreements.

  • For the time being this box is given out on a monthly basis.
  • That can change in time as we find better or different ways to help give back to those that promote the server on such a grand scale.
28021s.png Streamer Box
A box containing:
1x [C] Streamer Exclusive (30 Day Rental)
1x Streamer Megaphone (30 Day Rental)
3x Event Card Grab-Bag
1x Godly Rookie Badge Box (1000)
1x Random Essence Box
1x Unique Accessory Box
3x Premium Ticket (7D)
1x Refine Hammer +9
2x Unique Uber Weapon Picker +0
1x Godly Box
200x Bloody Coins