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Collector Kiki


Maybe you've heard of her? She only sells the illest and most fancydancy costume headgears in basically all of Rune Midgard here in XileRO.

She's so awesome!

Every day Kiki will get her hands on five neat Costumes. They are ONLY obtainable through her vend and they cost a dynamic price between 750m ~ 1.6b Zeny.
Empty your life savings, because this woman isn't cheap!

Ic.png As of July 2021, Collector Kiki now automatically updates her inventory daily to reveal 5 random Costumes for a dynamic Zeny price.


Her inventory still contains all her old monthlies as seen below-- But she also contains every Event Costume from the Event Boxes as well!
Her inventory changes everyday @ Server Time 00:00. Use @servertime in game to find out when that is for your timezone!

Previous Monthlies

These are still possible to show in the daily inventory, they're all in her list!
19078i.gif[C] Rainbow Feather Decoration [1] 19079i.gif[C] Wild Poring Rider [2] 19080i.gif[C] Happy Balloon [3]
19081i.gif[C] Lovely Heart Cap [4] 19082i.gif[C] Cat Ear Ribbon [5] 19083i.gif[C] Heart Card In Mouth [6]
19084i.gif[C] Pidgeon Hat [7] 19085i.gif[C] Knit Cap of Water [8] 19086i.gif[C] Exploding Gum [9]
19087i.gif[C] [C] Little Garden [10] 19088i.gif[C] Garden of Eden [11] 19089i.gif[C] Egg Minihat [12]
19090i.gif[C] Ear Witch Hat [13] 19091i.gif[C] Wonderful Beast Ears [14] 19092i.gif[C] Soda In Mouth [15]
19057i.gif[C] Rainbow Wing Ears [16] 19058i.gif[C] Rainbow Long Octopus [17] 19059i.gif[C] Mythlit Hat [18] 19654i.gif [C] Floating Parasol [19]
19060i.gif[C] Little Aquarium [20] 19061i.gif[C] Valhalla Idol [21] 19062i.gif[C] Twinkling Star [22]
19063i.gif[C] Elephant Fairy [23] 19064i.gif[C] Bubbly Hairband [24] 19065i.gif[C] Queen Anne's Revenge [25]
19066i.gif[C] Peony Hair Decoration [26] 19067i.gif[C] Ignis Cap [27] 19068i.gif[C] Valkyrie Circlet [28]
19069i.gif[C] Vampire Familiar [29] 19070i.gif[C] Phantom of Masquerade [30] 19071i.gif[C] Niflheim Bunny Hat [31]
19072i.gif[C] Two Tone Beret [32] 19073i.gif[C] Crowned Princess Ribbon [33] 19074i.gif[C] Gram Peony [34]
19075i.gif[C] Pope Doll [35] 19076i.gif[C] Snow Fox [36] 19077i.gif[C] Tone of Gold [37]
  1. [C] Rainbow Feather Decoration - Upper
  2. [C] Wild Poring Rider - Upper
  3. [C] Happy Balloon - Middle
  4. [C] Lovely Heart Cap - Upper
  5. [C] Cat Ear Ribbon - Middle
  6. [C] Heart Card In Mouth - Lower
  7. [C] Pidgeon Hat - Upper
  8. [C] Knit Cap of Water - Upper
  9. [C] Exploding Gum - Lower
  10. [C] Little Garden - Middle
  11. [C] Garden of Eden - Upper
  12. [C] Egg Minihat - Upper
  13. [C] Ear Witch Hat - Upper
  14. [C] Wonderful Beast Ears - Middle
  15. [C] Soda In Mouth - Lower
  16. [C] Rainbow Wing Ears - Middle
  17. [C] Rainbow Long Octopus - Upper
  18. [C] Mythlit Hat - Upper
  19. [C] Floating Parasol - Middle
  20. [C] Little Aquarium - Middle
  21. [C] Valhalla Idol - Upper
  22. [C] Twinkling Star - Upper
  23. [C] Elephant Fairy - Middle
  24. [C] Bubbly Hairband - Upper
  25. [C] Queen Anne's Revenge - Upper
  26. [C] Peony Hair Decoration - Upper
  27. [C] Ignis Cap - Upper
  28. [C] Valkyrie Circlet - Upper
  29. [C] Vampire Familiar - Middle
  30. [C] Phantom of Masquerade - Upper
  31. [C] Niflheim Bunny Hat - Upper
  32. [C] Two Tone Beret - Upper
  33. [C] Crowned Princess Ribbon - Upper
  34. [C] Gram Peony - Upper
  35. [C] Two Tone Beret - Upper
  36. [C] Snow Fox - Lower
  37. [C] Tone of Gold - Lower