Hunting Missions

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Monsters have started to overrun Rune Midgard and the Clans have all joined together rallying support from all players across the land!
The process is simple, visit you local Hunter Leader and request a Hunting Mission. Hunting Points will be given out in return for your service to Rune Midgard and it's peoples. Come back as soon as you've rested enough from your battle to pick up a new Hunting Mission.


Mode Cooldown Time Hunter Points Earned
Easy 2 Hours 5 HP
Normal 3 Hours 12 HP
Hard 5 Hours 25 HP
Crazy 7 Hours 50 HP

What to expect?
You'll be assigned anywhere from 100~200 mobs per difficulty mode from their respective pools.
Crazy difficulty mode being the exception in that you'll receive 2~3 mobs from that pool. There is one larger mob quantity pool in Crazy, but we'll leave that info secret.

Reward Shop

See Also: Headgears, Instances, Costumes
Hunter Leader
Image Name Description Hunter Points
12208.png 12208s.png Field Manual [0]
A manual that explains the effective way of the battle. It is a very detailed and well composed manual.
Exp rate is increased to 50% for 30 minutes.
7 HP
20241.png 20241s.png Unique Uber Weapon Picker +0
Open to receive a +0 Unique Uber Weapon of your choosing.
Uber Weapon has Unique Stats
20 HP
12582.png 12582s.png WoE Token Box
A box containing 1 random Prontera Castle Token.
90 HP
5013.gif 5013s.gif Lord Kaho Horn [4]
Exclusive head piece created for Lord Kaho.
(Lord Kaho has never been identified)
STR +5, INT +5, VIT +10, AGI +10, LUK +20, MDEF +10
165 HP
5037.png 5037s.png Equality Wings [4]
Wings that represent the true equality of the world.
STR +5, INT +5, VIT +10, AGI +10, DEX +15, LUK +20, MDEF +10
180 HP
5088.png 5088s.png Black Helm [4]
A great helm, forged from darkness.
STR +5, INT +5, VIT +10, AGI +10, DEX +15, LUK +20, MDEF +10
180 HP
20180.png 20180s.png Vindicated Wings [1]
A pair of feathered wings, once great in power have faded greatly.
Created by the Lost Souls of Endless Tower.
All Stats +7
195 HP
19558.png 19558s.png [C] Icy Feathered Wings [0]
XileRO Costume Headgear.
Hunting Mission Exclusive
2,950 HP

Unique Uber Weapons

Each of these Unique Elite Weapons has a set pool of bonus effects that will be added, their value however is what varies and is randomly set.

Unique Uber Weapon Random Option 1 Random Option 2 Random Option 3
Unique Uber Weapon [4] of choice

6000s.gif 6001s.gif 6002s.gif 1814s.gif 6004s.gif 6005s.gif 1367s.gif 6007s.gif 6008s.gif 1139s.gif 6010s.gif 6011s.gif 1368s.gif 13302s.gif 13105s.gif 13152s.gif 13158s.gif 13161s.gif 13156s.gif 1559s.gif

Max HP + 2~5% ASPD + 5~20 Increase All Stats 2~7