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Use @help In-Game if you're ever feeling lost!


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Hello and Welcome to XileRO!

In an effort to better help newbies who have found themselves on our server, we've made an all in one intro guide for you. It's all a work in progress as we gather information that seems relevant to the custom features and mechanics found here on XileRO~

If you haven't already you can find our download(s) here, and can register here!!

We would first like to list a few other useful and information heavy pages for some of our customs.

  • General Customs: Has basically every small detail to changes found within the server, mostly surrounding items and their effects or removal.
  • Release Notes: Has every list of changes we've had from all updates.

Dock Disaster


Uh oh, upon your arrival to XileRO the ship you came here on hit the reef and has sunk. Thankfully everyone is safe but Captain Carocc needs to help you catch your bearings and teach you a little about the server and what it has to offer while you wait for rescue!

Starter Package [Show/Hide]

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20060s.png Starter Package (Account Bound)
Image Name Stats
19349.gif 1x 19349s.gif Starter Lords Knife [4]
A gift from XileRO.
Replica of the Almighty Dagger of the Ruler.
All Stats +3
Equipped on: Weapon
4x Card.gif Broken Monkey Fist Card
A gift from XileRO.
All Stats +5!!
Compound on: Weapon
1x Card.gif Broken Ghostring Card
A gift from XileRO.
Increase resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 40%.
Compound on: Armor
20063.gif 2x 20063s.gif Starter Field Manual
A gift from XileRO.
A manual that explains the effective way of the battle. It is a very detailed and well composed manual.
Exp rate is increased to 50% for 30 minutes.
19350.png 1x 19350s.png Starter Headgear [4]
A gift from XileRO.
All Stats +7
Equipped on: Upper
607.gif 25x 607s.gif Yggdrasil Berry
A fruit from the Yggdrasil tree, which brings life to our world. Its fantastic taste is full of life.
Restores 100% HP and 100% SP.
2631.gif 2x 2631s.gif Celebration Ring [0]
A ring that is given to a baby that becomes a year old.
+5 to All Stats
Equipped on: Accessory
6x Card.gif Broken Bloody Knight Champion Card
A gift from XileRO.
All Stats +5!!
Compound on: Headgear
20116.png 1x 20116s.png Starter Elven Ears [1]
A gift from XileRO.
A head ornament with elven ears attached to it.
Equipped on: Middle
20117.png 1x 20117s.png Starter Boots [0]
A gift from XileRO.
A pair of heavy, leather boots padded with Lunatic fur.
Max HP/SP +10%, Movement Speed +20
Equipped on: Footgear
20118.png 1x 20118s.png Starter Vindicated Wings [1]
A gift from XileRO.
A pair of feathered wings, once great in power have faded greatly.
All Stats +5
Equipped on: Lower
1x Card.gif Broken Golden Thiefbug Card
A gift from XileRO.
Nullify 65% of all magic spells, including supportive skills, that target the owner at the cost of doubling SP Consumption cost when using skills.
Compound on: Shield


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So you've just landed here and you have no clue where to go first.
WORRY NOT, we have that covered in our Leveling Spots Guide!
There are some things you can do to make yourself a little more powerful before setting out on your journey. First being to join a Clan. Clans are NPC owned guilds that offer special buffs.
Clans are perfect for newbies and for players that don't want to be a part of a guild just yet.


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You've leveled up or maybe you just wanna take a break from grinding EXP and wanna take up some zeny farming instead?
WE'VE GOT INFO ON THAT TOO, right in our Zeny Hunting Guide!


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This is where things get spicy. We have sooo many interesting things going on with our customs.
On-top of the skill modifications going on, we've got custom difficulty monsters, instances, and items.


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While our focus isn't by any means who can be the cutest or coolest, it is fun to dress up. It doesn't matter who you are and what you'll like. There is a costume out there you are bound to enjoy~

PK Mode On

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We are a PK Mode On server, which means once you reach level 11 any player can kill you. We feel that adds a little thrill to an otherwise PvM based game.
So in your PvM travels it is always smart to carry a Demi-Human aimed weapon and some good Demi-Human/Long Range resistance armor(s).

For your Weapon, we suggest the following depending on your class;

The Starter Package contains 4x Broken Monkey Fist Cards, which are a lesser effect version of our custom Monkey Fist Card (MFC).
Hydra Card increases damage to Demi-Human race (Players) by 20% per card and Monkey Fist Card (MFC) increased All stats by 10.

For your Armor(s), we suggest the following;

The Starter Package contains 6x Broken Bloody Knight Champion Cards, which are a lesser effect version of our custom Bloody Knight Champion Card (BKCC).
It is unlikely you'll get your hands on a Ghostring Card right out the gates but the Starter Package contains a Broken Ghostring Card, which increases resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 40%. So it's good to wear that for PvE until you find a better alternative.
Horn Card reduces damage from Long Range attacks by 35%, a good resistance card for ranged classes. Melee would call for a Thara Frog Card to reduce damage from DemiHuman monster by 30%.
Lastly for Garment is Noxious Card to reduce damage from Long Range attacks by 10% and increase Resistance to Neutral attacks by 10%.

Gearing Up

Likely one of the most important areas of ANY server is what gear to use. Here on Retro we have around 3 Tiers of gear types. Graded by Uber, Elite, and Godly.

Uber - Tier 1

See Also: Uber Gear

Uber Gear, aka Tier 1, is your step up from the Starter Gear you are handed upon character creation. Meant to be your early-game setup, the gear you have as someone climbing the ladder of power.





Elite - Tier 2

See Also: Elite Gear

Elite Gear, aka Tier 2, is your step up from Uber Gear. Meant to be your mid-game setup, the gear you have until you work just a little harder.





Godly - Tier 3

See Also: Godly Gear

Godly Gear, aka Tier 3, is your step up from Elite Gear and the last and best tier. Meant to be your late/end-game setup.