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GM Hosted Event(s)

Hide and Seek

GM disguised as a monster with name changed on a random map. First to find wins.

Find the Plant

GM spawns a plant on a random map. First to kill wins.

Guess the Password / Crack the Pub

GM makes a locked chatroom, first to enter with the right password wins.
Password is usually in the chatbox but scrambled and it's usually numbers or a monster name.

Poring Catcher

GM runs the Poring Catcher event, go in and be the first to kill the correctly named poring to win!

Flower Counting

Correctly guess the amount of certain color plants that have spawned~!

Scavenger Hunt

Dynamic item turn-in type Quest NPC that can be setup by Admins to exchange different item(s) for any special item of our choosing!
Bring the required items to the Item Exchanger in prontera142177 when the event is active.

Automated Event(s)


Runs every hour on the hour, starting at xx:00! Talk to the Dice NPC prontera169228 to join, 200,000 Zeny fee to play~

How to Play

Dice Event Manager

There are four numbers 1-4 to chose from. Just click the number on the floor and you'll be placed in the area below it.

  • If you choose right, you win and get a chance to kill a Treasure Chest. (Multiple winners, first to kill wins.)
  • If you choose wrong, you are warped back to Prontera empty handed.


One of these at a random chance to the winner;
1x 12103s.gif Bloody Branch
15x 607s.gif Yggdrasil Berry
1x 12214s.gif Convex Mirror
1x 12208s.gif Battle Manual
10~15x 678s.gif Poison Bottle
1x 20057s.png Golden Eve Apple
2x 20309s.png Rookie Badge Box
3x 20309s.png Rookie Badge Box

Devil Square

Devil Square Guardian
See Also: Devil Square

Runs every 2 hours at xx:05, an in-game broadcast announced 2 minute before start.
00:05, 04:05, 06:05, 08:05, 10:05, 12:05, 16:05, 18:05, 20:05

Ic.png Missing times are when War of Emperium is running!

How to Play

Enter the Event via Devil Square Guardian found at prontera146161.

UniqueID is in effect, entry will be denied to multiple accounts on the same PC!

Help defeat multiple rounds of monsters that get progressively strong in Devil Square!


NOTE: You have 30 seconds to collect your prize. If you do not collect before the time runs out, you are removed without a prize.

1 20309s.png Rookie Badge Box

Treasure Chest

Runs every half hour, starting at xx:05 and xx:35!

How to Play

Treasure Chest

Warp to Yuno yuno150150 to participate. A single random Treasure Chest will spawn on the map about every 30 minutes.


Treasure Chest drops;
12103s.gif Bloody Branch @ 50%
607s.gif Yggdrasil Berry @ 100%
12214s.gif Convex Mirror @ 25%
2410s.gif Sleipnir [0] @ 5%
12208s.gif Battle Manual @ 15%
20057s.png Golden Eve Apple @ 15%

World Boss

Soon.jpg COMING SOON! Soon.jpg

Down for Maintenance.


Runs every two(2) hours, starting at xx:25! Location: payon165215
Disguise Event announces the start of the event in 2 minutes. Once 2 minutes passed, the event starts!
Use @disguise to join!

How to Play

Diguise Event
  • NPC disguises as a a random monster
  • If no one guesses right within 12 seconds, the NPC undisguises and disguises into something else.
  • Shout in Chat to guess. e.G; NPC disguised as Smokie -> All Chat : Smokie


One of the following with each correct guess;
1x 12103s.gif Bloody Branch
15x 607s.gif Yggdrasil Berry
1x 12214s.gif Convex Mirror
1x 12208s.gif Battle Manual
15x 678s.gif Poison Bottle
1x 20057s.png Golden Eve Apple
35x 20294s.png Rookie Badges

Maze Runner


Runs every hours on the hour at xx:30!
Event will announce and you will have 2 minutes to enter the Warp in Prontera to join.

How to Play

Simply run into the portals and pray to Freya you are blessed with RNG.
NOTE: Peco and Carts are removed and @commands are disabled on the Event map.
Any and all Movement Speed increasing items are disabled.

  • No Equipment like; Sleipnirs or Starter Boots.
  • No Cards like; Moonlight Flower.
  • No Consumables; Like Authoritative Badge or Box of Thunder.


1x 20057s.png Golden Eve Apple

45x 20294s.png Rookie Badges

Novice vs Zombie

Runs every hour at xx:45 to Lvl 1 Novice only! Use @nvz to Join.

How to Play

  • Use @nvz to Join
  • Must be a Lvl 1 Novice
  • Must be naked, no equipped gear
  • Must have an empty inventory
  • Minimum 2 people for event to run


1x 20057s.png Golden Eve Apple

45x 20294s.png Rookie Badges

Goddess Blessing

Soon.jpg COMING SOON! Soon.jpg

Down for Maintenance.

Seasonal Events


Spring Cleaning



Server Anniversary 2021

Summer 2023



Autumn Leaves



Valentines Day

Valentines Day 2021

Lunar New Year 2021

Lunar New Year 2022

Event Costume Hats

See Also: Custom Costumes, Collector Kiki, Gwenivere Wigs, Vada Optician, Nicolas Flamel Biochemistry

Event Eva

Items Needed Reward NPC
10x 20057s.png Golden Eve Apple 1x Ecb.png Event Costume Box
Event Eva
25x 20057s.png Golden Eve Apple 1x Mecb.png Mystic Event Costume Box

Event Costume Box

Ic.png Costume Headgears are purely cosmetic, they have no slots and no effect other than looking pretty.
Ecb.png Event Costume Box
Upper Middle Lower Mixed
3403s.gif [C] AFK Hat

3404s.gif [C] Bright Helm
3405s.gif [C] Miranda Hat
3406s.gif [C] Feather Band
3407s.gif [C] Feather Cap
3408s.gif [C] Flaming Crown
3410s.png [C] Magic Hat
3411s.png [C] Ribbon Wizard Hat
3413s.gif [C] Majorette Hat
3414s.gif [C] Neko Kafra Band
3415s.gif [C] Orchid Band
3417s.gif [C] Rose Band
3418s.png [C] Urahara Hat
3419s.gif [C] Wing Cap
19421s.gif [C] Imp Hat
3423s.gif [C] Balloon Hat
3424s.gif [C] Bonnet Hat
3425s.png [C] Gold Bonnet Hat
3427s.png [C] Blue Party Hat
3428s.png [C] Kyla's Bunny
3430s.png [C] Fruit Fashion Hat
3437s.png [C] Incubus Doll
3438s.png [C] Loli Hat
3442s.png [C] Rain Cloud
3444s.png [C] Valentines Hat
3450s.png [C] Aqua Balloon Hat
3451s.gif [C] Ashura Fairy Hat
3452s.gif [C] Bell Ribbon
3454s.gif [C] Bridal Wreath

3456s.png [C] Drooping Chunge

3457s.png [C] Drooping Lady Solace
3458s.png [C] Drooping Nymph
3459s.png [C] Drooping Bascojin
3460s.png [C] Drooping Kobold Archer
3461s.png [C] Drooping Leaf Cat
3462s.png [C] Drooping Succubus
3463s.png [C] Drooping Zerlthsh
3464s.gif [C] Flower Crown
3465s.gif [C] Large Hibiscus
3466s.png [C] Myst Case Hat
3467s.png [C] Piamette Hairband
3468s.png [C] Pink Balloon Hat
3469s.png [C] Red Balloon Hat
3470s.png [C] Wild Rose Hat
3474s.png [C] Chinese Knot
3476s.png [C] Deviruchi Pin
3477s.png [C] Fallen Blossom Laurel
3488s.gif [C] Dress Hat
3491s.gif [C] Pirate's Pride
3494s.gif [C] Wind Whisper
3495s.gif [C] Magic Stone Hat
3496s.gif [C] Midas Whispers
3497s.gif [C] Minstrel Song Hat
3498s.gif [C] Triangle Rune Cap
3499s.gif [C] Darkness Helm
3500s.gif [C] Musketeer Hat
3510s.gif [C] Wings of Victory

3422s.png [C] Tie

3426s.png [C] Prototype Glasses
3433s.png [C] Zodiac Ring
3434s.png [C] Butterfly Aura
3436s.png [C] Flower Ring
3439s.png [C] Night Aura
3441s.png [C] Heart Ring
3443s.png [C] Solar Aura
3453s.png [C] Blue Animted Small Ribbons
3471s.png [C] Atska Ring
3472s.png [C] Blue Flame
3473s.png [C] Butterfly Pin
3475s.png [C] Clock Key
3501s.gif [C] Ancient Elven Ears
3502s.gif [C] Sigrun's Wings
3503s.gif [C] Reginrev's Wings
3504s.gif [C] Ifrit Ears
3505s.gif [C] Black Glasses
3506s.gif [C] Peco Ears
3507s.gif [C] Red Glasses
3508s.gif [C] Machoman Glasses
3509s.gif [C] Odin Mask

3432s.png [C] Avalon Wings

3435s.png [C] Chakra Wings
3440s.png [C] Butterfly Wings
3455s.gif [C] Donut
3478s.png [C] Black Hip Ribbon
3479s.png [C] Blue Hip Ribbon
3480s.png [C] Green Hip Ribbon
3481s.png [C] Purple Hip Ribbon
3482s.png [C] Red Hip Ribbon
3483s.png [C] White Hip Ribbon
3484s.png [C] Yellow Hip Ribbon
3511s.gif [C] Chocolate Donut
3513s.gif [C] Captain's Pipe
3514s.gif [C] Chewing Gum
3515s.gif [C] Four Leaf Clover
3516s.gif [C] Scarlet Rose
3517s.gif [C] Spare Card
3518s.gif [C] Pirate Dagger
3519s.gif [C] Gangster Scarf

3400s.gif [C] Halloween Hood 2010

3401s.png [C] Halloween Mask 2010
3409s.gif [C] Inca Hat
3412s.png [C] Wedding Veil
3416s.gif [C] Paper Bag Hat
3429s.png [C] Handing Dolls Hat
3431s.png [C] Eclipse Hood
3521s.gif [C] Mask of Ifrit
3522s.gif [C] Solo Box
3523s.gif [C] Cap of Blindness
3524s.gif [C] Dark Bacilium
3525s.gif [C] Crown of Deceit
3526s.gif [C] Frost Giant's Skull
3527s.gif [C] Rabbit Earmuffs
3528s.gif [C] Note Headphones
3529s.gif [C] Zealotus Mask
3530s.gif [C] Decorative Golden Bell
20002s.png [C] Wolf Masquerade

Mystic Event Costume Box

Ic.png Costume Headgears are purely cosmetic, they have no slots and no effect other than looking pretty.
Mecb.png Mystic Event Costume Box
Upper Middle Lower Mixed
19254s.png [C] Drooping Dorasuke

19256s.png [C] Fox Ear Bell Ribbon (White)
19257s.png [C] Over Protector
19258s.png [C] Sweet Bonnet
19259s.png [C] Hugging Wildcat
19260s.png [C] Leopard Ear Hat
19261s.png [C] Honey Pancake
19262s.png [C] Cat Ear Hat
19263s.png [C] Punkish Cat Ears
19264s.png [C] Calico Cat Coffee Cup

19265s.png [C] Dog Officer

19266s.png [C] Hugging Doram
19267s.png [C] Goldfish Hat
19268s.png [C] Meow Lover
19269s.png [C] Khalitzburg Knight Helm (Black)
19270s.png [C] Hugging Bear
19271s.png [C] Poring Beret
19272s.png [C] Angeling Ballon Hat
19273s.png [C] Spider Seduction
19366s.png [C] Hunting Cap Of Gust
19367s.png [C] Siorava Hat
19368s.png [C] Minnie de Alma's Rabbit Ears

19274s.png [C] Watch Hair Ornament

19275s.png [C] Fairy Feathers
19276s.png [C] Pope Ribbon
19277s.png [C] Pope Ribbon (Black)
19278s.png [C] Blue Rose Eyepatch
19279s.png [C] Cherry Blossom Ribbon
19280s.png [C] Crow Tengu Mask
19281s.png [C] Face Crasher
19282s.png [C] Heavenly Order
19283s.png [C] Memories Of Lovers
19284s.png [C] Fallen Angel Valletta

19285s.png [C] Miracle Blue Rose

19286s.png [C] Green Foxtail
19287s.png [C] Large Ribbon Muffler (Orange)
19288s.png [C] Large Ribbon Muffler (Red)
19289s.png [C] Large Ribbon Muffler (Black)
19290s.png [C] Poker Card In Mouth
19291s.png [C] Golden Fish
19253s.png [C] Eremes Scarf
19292s.png [C] Eremes Scarf (Black)
19293s.png [C] Eremes Scarf (Blue)
19294s.png [C] Midsummer Fan
19295s.png [C] Seraphim's Feather
19296s.png [C] Lunatic Muffler

19297s.png [C] Veil

19298s.png [C] Harambe Mask
19299s.png [C] Master Cat Mask